The first single from the highly-anticipated debut full length album from Kala, has been announced! This is the first of three singles to be produced by Hip Hop Heavyweight Chin Injeti and is to be titled: #BIBLICALTIMES. The track drops on February 22nd and rumour has it that Kala will be doing a launch tour in Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

When asked what the inspiration behind this first single was, Kala responded: “You know its such a crazy turn of events that lead to this being the first official single that I will be sharing with the world. But its a mix of influences I felt from when we were on tour in California this summer and drove through thick smoke for three days as the whole coast burned, and reading I was doing over the holidays about some of the origins of our modern beliefs and customs. When I came to put the first single down in the studio in the new year, Chin was talking to me about his faith and it all clicked when he dropped the beat.”.

Kala mentioned that even though the song does address some of the difficult realities of our time he wants to bring playfulness to that reality with a social media campaign #BIBLICALTIMES which encourages people to take pictures of ANYTHING that is TRUELY EPIC with the hash tag, #BIBLICALTIMES. We can’t wait to bring in the chinese new year with this new banger!