Kala Has been writing rhymes since he was 9 years old and for the first part of his adult life, chose to live the values and ambitions that he found in his songs, before he took his message to the world. In his hometown of Vancouver, BC, Kala is beloved by a vibrant community that sprung up around the festivals, events and community spaces that he helped to build.

Until he released his first mixtape last winter, Kala had been largely unknown on the international stage, when it dropped however anyone that was wondering now knew how gifted he is with rhyming, lyricism, songwriting and storytelling. Including hip hop hit-maker, Chin Injeti, who will now be working with him to craft his first singles for the international music marketplace.

The first single from the highly-anticipated debut full length album from Kala, has been announced. This is the first of three singles to be produced by Chin Injeti and is to be titled: #BIBLICALTIMES. The track drops on February 22nd and rumour has it that Kala will be doing a launch tour in Berlin, Amsterdam and London.